Consumer law.

At Ppa lawyers we understand the importance of advising companies on issues related to consumer rights. We seek to prevent consumer complaints and know how to respond appropriately if they arise. 

To achieve this, we are experts in:

  • Preparing absolutely clear manuals regarding requests, complaints and claims (PQR), product guarantees and personal data processing.
  • Giving legal advice in the way in which the products offered are advertised to comply with legal standards.
  • Preparing the terms and conditions regarding the company’s virtual platform.
  • Including the legal requirements for the legal structuring of an electronic commerce platform.
  • Advising companies interested in offering promotional games so that they can properly request the respective permits from Coljuegos.
  • Defending and advising our clients regarding complaints from consumers.
  • Legally representing our clients before an administrative investigation or consumer lawsuit.


Habeas data

At Ppa lawyers, we understand the importance and value of data in companies, which is why we accompany them in:

  • The design and implementation of data and privacy programs.
  • The preparation of policies, manuals, authorizations and notices.
  • The design of data transfer and transmission contracts.
  • The design and creation of new products or services that involve the processing of personal data.
  • The implementation of the compliance program “principle of demonstrated responsibility”.
  • Information Security Policies.
  • Responses to SIC requirements.
  • Defense in administrative investigations on the processing of personal data.



In recent years, electronic commerce has become very important for companies as a strategic tool to maximize their sales. For this reason, day-to-day electronic commerce requires more legal regulations, and we, as experts in this area, advise you on:

  • The creation of the legal step by step for the legal structuring of an electronic commerce platform.
  • Preparation of terms and conditions and data processing policy of the virtual platform of your company.
  • Accompaniment and training in electronic commerce and new information technologies.

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