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Experience in a subject often brings complexity: the formulas that have served for the solution of past problems often become insufficient to solve future problems. Experience, in a changing world, can go from being a useful tool to becoming an obstacle to face new challenges.


Adapting to a dynamic world means learning to unlearn, and thus to move away from repeated formulas. This implies being attentive to change. Knowing that what is obvious to one – according to one’s own experience – may not apply to a particular case.


Combining experience and practicality is not easy. It’s hard. But that’s what we aim for at PPA: we have the mentality of leveraging the knowledge acquired over many years, but adapted to the specific case of each client.


We seek to understand problems together with entrepreneurs, because we know that there are unshared truisms; we do not want to be an isolated world in a fictitious bubble; we do not want to be lawyers who think they have solutions, but with actual useless results. We give real solutions. Practical and timely solutions.

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Practical and timely solutions

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