Abogados de marcas | Como registrar una marca en Colombia

Wanting to expand your business, but not sure how to protect your intellectual property in several countries without it being costly and time consuming? The Madrid Protocol could be the solution you are looking for.

The Madrid Protocol is the mechanism through which you can request the registration of your trademark in more than 90 countries, through a single application and without incurring additional expenses such as those of hiring lawyers abroad. Through this unique application, not only you can protect your intellectual property countries part of this Agreement, but also you can achieve your goal of growing and developing your business abroad a reality.

One of the main advantages of the Protocol is that Colombia is the only country in South America that is part of the agreement and can offer this type of service. In addition, registration procedures are simplified and, most importantly, costs are reduced in a way that will benefit you, since we understand that, when there is an interest in growing, the costs entailed are an important factor.

To opt for this service, you only need to (i) be a national of, (ii) or have a domicile in Colombia or (iii) have a commercial establishment in the country.

If you are interested in innovating in international markets and want to protect your intellectual property but do not currently meet any of the requirements for this service (or if you do meet them), do not be concerned, at Pinzón Pinzón & Asociados we can provide you with the necessary advice so that your growth goals can be fulfilled.


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