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“If I had had more time,” said Blaise Pascal in 1657, “I would have written a shorter letter.”


We are used to the fact that the length of a text is proportional to the knowledge about a topic. The longer, the more complete; the shorter, the more mediocre. The reality, however, is different: the longer, the more tangled; the shorter, the clearer.


This idea permeated by generations is what Chip Heath called the curse of knowledge: by wanting to demonstrate everything we know, instead of solving, we get confused.


Knowledge is not found in robust communication, but rather in the practicality of solving problems in a timely manner. Practicality, then, is the ability to filter out the curse of knowledge, so that the experience accumulated over the years is useful, and timely.


Lawyers often fall under the curse of knowledge. By trying to show everything they know, and their mastery in legal matters, they forget that the important thing is to solve their clients’ problems in a practical and timely manner.

This is our mindset. This is our way of working. This is our promise. We filter knowledge to guarantee our clients practical and timely solutions that facilitate the fulfillment of their objectives.


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Practical and timely solutions.

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