Ppa lawyers is a law firm that, for more than 33 years, has served as a strategic ally to entrepreneurs.

At Ppa lawyers, we are not interested in being the largest or most recognized firm. We work to be the most reliable and to keep promises. We aspire to be essential allies.

Our client portfolio includes business groups, Fortune 500 companies, multinational companies, and expanding national and technology companies.

Our clients include: Softys (CMPC) from Chile, Ambev Inbev, Scansource, Arcor, Grupo Promigas, Keralty (Sanitas), Comestibles Aldor, Empresas Públicas de Medellín, Tigo Une, Bogotá Beer Company, Productos Yupi, Plasticos Rimax , Makro, Dollar City, Metro Kia, Finandina, Wok, Corferias, Dentsply, Grupo Danaher and Ubits Learning Solutions.

Our clients trust us because they know that at Ppa lawyers we cultivate relationships.

Our clients come to us for different matters. However, everyone agrees that beyond successfully managing their legal affairs, they have a valuable ally in us.


We guarantee our clients practical and timely legal solutions to fulfill their objectives.


We accompany our clients in the internationalization of their businesses through the strategic networks of which we are part:

  • Ppa lawyers are the only Colombian member of Globalaw, one of the world’s most prestigious legal networks, with a presence in 85 countries.
  • Ppa lawyers are part of Velae Legal Group, an Ibero-American law firm with offices in Madrid.